The legal rights of the owners of the content and their original property are referred to as copyrights. Ownership authority isn’t always in the hands of the ones who start it. Only genuine creators retain the rights to distribution and use of their works of art, videos, music, songs, books, and other media. In shorter and simpler words, it is the ability to duplicate but does not grant anyone else the ability to replicate any creative work. Despite the fact that everyone in this room has been watching Hindi television shows for years and is inspired by them. All of the copyright-protected material that is offered on Desi TV is included in the Hindi serials package.

Additionally, ideas, plans, facts, and methods are typically exempt from copyright protection. However, because we are only human, we occasionally err and fail. However, we work hard at the hive to create original content of the highest calibre while continuing to uphold moral and ethical standards. Humans make faults and errors, as was already mentioned. Additionally, no creator ever purposefully does something bad. However, we recognise that ignorance should never be a factor in the lives of artists and should never serve as a justification for crime.

We will always be grateful to the Hindi programme fans and viewers who have backed us and provided us with frank feedback. And each time we were asked to introduce anything new or make modifications, we saw it as an opportunity to learn and improve. However, we have always made it a point to abide by copyright laws, and being trustworthy has always come first.

Contact Us: Well, if something (content/information) was unintentionally added to our platform. This, by mistake, belonged to you or any of your group members. We strongly condemn such and are sorry for our carelessness. We also realise that it is unethical and merits proper acknowledgement when work is used without permission. We sincerely regret the harm we have caused you and the loss you have endured as a result of our knowledge error. We apologise on behalf of the entire team for that. And promise you that this error won’t be made again in the future. In addition, if you are the rightful owner of the content shown on our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me first. Email your full name, contact information, and copyright to us.

Once more, we apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused you and your group members. Please accept our apologies, and don’t lose hope that we can work this out together. You can get in touch with us using the information on our website if you have any questions or concerns. We promise to immediately delete the content that violates your copyright from the website within 48 hours.

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I swear to you that I will remove the infringing materials within 48 hours.


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