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The information/content that Desi Serials give, produce, and share in relation to Indian TV Shows is legitimate and lawful, according to privacy policies, which are frequently stated. Additionally, our privacy policy never applies to or targets minors; yet, our digital and online services are calming and user-friendly. Our website is composed of a sizable collection of different television shows and web series. The management team and developers specify in the privacy policy the functions for which the content and information will be processed.

In order to maintain the level of confidence that Hindi Serial has earned from its viewers (also referred to as “You,” “Your,” “Us,” “User,” and “Subscriber”), we adhere to the strictest security and privacy regulations. We do not create profiles or gather data in any way using our opinions or personal information. In that case, using our site is entirely secure. You can access the content on this page without registering or purchasing a membership. The information we need in order for you to connect with our community is quite elementary. Your name and email ID are required to authenticate and identify you on the website solely for customization purposes when you connect through the Comment area.

Notifications Or Cookies:

You may not be aware of it, but websites send cookies to your computer or other device and keep the information they collect on your device’s hard drives. Many online streaming websites employ this technique, but since we don’t transmit any cookies or notifications to your device, you have freedom here. So, be careful to prevent your browser from allowing cookies if you want to save your information. However, we do not use Your choices for nations or verifiable facts.

Additionally, as a free internet streaming service, we use Google AdSense programs for monetization. This typically displays customized ads that may employ cookies. Likewise, in such a scenario, your data is always secure.

Modifications to the Current Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy may or may not be updated over time. We will keep you informed by posting the New Privacy Policies on the website. You are urged to continue periodically checking the modifications, nevertheless.

Privacy Policy

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